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Rafting on Neretva

About the river

The emerald River Narenta (Neretva), cradle of the Herzegovina civilization and its people, along its 225 km, crosses the countries of Bosnia-Herzegovina (over 203 km) and Croatia (over about 22 km). It is the most important river of Herzegovina and it is one of the coldest in the world: it springs from the Dinarich Alps, the mountain chain that makes up the backbone of the country at an altitude of about 1300 metres, near Jabuka, approximately 30 km from Sarajevo. The unique chromatic tones of its extremely clean and bubbling waters, make it a distinctive and particularly fascinating element of these lands, apart from it being characterized by a very rich, endemic, bio-system of flora and fauna. The river’s course begins by passing through harsh gorges, then runs in a north-westerly direction for about 100 km, passing close to the village of Glavatičevo and to the town of Konjic, then descends to the southern part of the Jablanica region, crossing the cities of Mostar, Počitelj, Čapljina to finally flow into the Adriatic Sea near to the town of Ploče in Croatia, to whose port goods from the whole of Bosnia-Herzegovina and other places are brought.h e river is a great source of attraction, not only for its pure waters and its rushing course, but because it is also suitable, in some places, for rafting and many other such activities, as well as for trout fi shing, which gathers enthusiasts from all over the country.

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